You've read some information about Halloween.  You've seen a short video.  But there is so much more to know.

It's your turn now to do a little research and answer a question for me.

What is Halloween like in other countries?

Research on the internet.  Find out what it would be like for us if we went to another country for Halloween.  Write a longer paragraph of 7-10 sentences.  Look for and share the answers to some basic questions like:

  • If they don't celebrate Halloween, why not?
  • Do kids wear costumes?
  • Do kids trick-or-treat?
  • Do they have a similar holiday?

This can be about one country, like Australia, or it can be about multiple countries like "in South America..."

Creating a GoogleDoc (with pictures) would be best, but use whatever format you feel most comfortable with.

Submit your assignment here.