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8.2: Café O' Yea Demonstration Steps

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    1. PLAN


    • Identify Wellness Champions (supporters and other important stakeholders at your community who may include community leaders, teachers and staff (e.g., food service personnel, PE, after-school program directors, parents, and others)) and explain to them what the different components of the activity are. Allow them to choose a role they are interested in.
    • Research areas and groups in the school or community where participants have the opportunity to purchase fresh produce from the different food groups.
    • Explain that COYs are organized by HealthCorps Pillar (NUTRITION, FITNESS, and MENTAL RESILIENCE), and that each COY is linked to multiple, suggested activities (e.g., recipe-making and taste-testing, on-the-spot exercise routines, meditation/communication strategies, etc.).
    • Review your Healthy School Snapshot and any other sources of information that may be available to help select COYs that support one (1) guideline (i.e., USDA Dietary Guideline or mental resilience guideline).
    • Identify the COY topics and associated recipes (if applicable) from the COY Library.
    • Discuss how the COYs will complement existing school systems (e.g. school food menu, PE program activities, other extracurricular activities, etc.)
    • Schedule three COYs – no less than one COY per month – around the same day of the week, time and location to make it normative.
    • After each COY, debrief, reflect and apply best practices to planning next COY.
    • Have follow-up discussions with your Wellness Champions, supporters as well as with other school stakeholders to see how school system improvements (e.g. substitute ingredients in school food, offer school-wide meditation, new activities in PE program, etc.) could be supported, based on results of your COYs.


    • For the 2 to 4 community leaders who have agreed to conduct the COY demonstration with you, meet a few days prior to prepare for, plan and practice the selected COY.
    • Take time present the dietary and mental resilience guidelines, and any related activities for the selected COY.
    • Review the COY template and selected one pager emphasizing that the goals are that participants not only learn a new skill, but also share this skill with friends and family.
    • Create signage that’s relatable to their peers. Can include goals, key terms and/or fun facts to collateral such as posters, flyers and handouts. Effective signage assists the facilitator especially in loud settings. Needs to be visually appealing to attract and crowd and displayed prominently at booth.
    • Decide what music playlist to play, how and when to play it.
    • Facilitate a discussion with questions such as:
      • Besides music, what draws people’s attention?
      • What messages for signs can we design to attract others?
      • What can we do to get others involved?
      • What handouts will be valuable? E.g. recipe card.
    • Explain COY Feedback Forms will be collected and used to help evaluate each COY.
      • Self-administered and collected in box after participants experience the demo.
      • Permits us to learn how to improve the activity and assess if participants feel empowered with new skills.
    • Plan for and pack up the toolkit.
    • If the COY has an associated recipe, review the recipe card to determine what ingredients, cooking/preparing equipment and serving materials are needed. Make sure to review the recipe, ingredients and steps to prepare it. Keep in mind; some recipes require home and/or day before preparation.
    • Assign roles and responsibilities to community leaders and create a day-of action plan (schedule, location, who brings what, etc.)
    • Q&A


    • Refer to selected COY’s one pager and recipe (if applicable).


    • Coordinator Report:
      • One per semester submitted online.
      • Can sign in and sign out throughout the semester to complete.
      • Due after implementing three (3) COY demonstrations. Latest date: May 30, 2018
    • Participant Feedback Survey:
      • Set-up collection box, surveys and pencils at every one of the three (3) COY booths.
      • Aim to collect as many as possible and incentivize all participants to self-administer the survey.
      • Mail surveys to NYC within one week of each completed COY.

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