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Liked it

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    Here's a review by someone who gave the book 5 stars:

    In April a group of students at a middle school in WA got together to discuss this book. Here are some of their thoughts on the book...

    I like the book. I won't tell you why, because I hate it when people spoil books!
    The book is good and has challenging vocabulary.
    I loved the book, 5 stars.
    I think the book is super-fantastic and should be called "Belch".
    The book is amazing.
    I think it is immature and boring (submitted by an 8th grade girl)
    I would reccomend this to 7th grade boys. (also submitted by an 8th grade girl)
    I think this book is really fantastic, it goes beyond rules. I would reccomend it to everyone, especially cheaters.
    I like the book because it tells the story from different points of view and that makes it more interesting.
    The book should be for 4-6th grade kids and adults. I think "teens" will think their to good for it. (submitted by a 6th grade boy, who loved it.)
    I like that the characters are the smae age as me.

    You may notice that none of the students comments/opinions contain specific details from the story, that was by the request of a student who hadn't finished the book yet. His response to all book reviewers..."I want to read the book, don't spoil it for me!"

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