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8.9: Stretch It Out COY

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    • Learn a short yoga routine to get your heart going and focus on your mind.


    • Signage and handouts (suggestions to focus on and capture positive thoughts when they are away from school and face challenges.)
    • Unstoppable Bapitste Yoga Cards (Make copies)
    • 2 Yoga Mats and Candles
    • Music & speakers (optional)
    • Feedback survey, pencils, and collection box


    • Display signage/poster to highlight the goal of your demo.
    • Pick 3-5 Yoga Cards to display on table/board
      • Awakening: Warrior One \(\ \quad\) Partner Poses: Open Heart
      • Breathe: Start Me Up \(\ \quad\) Meditation: Candle Meditation
      • Vitality: Revolving Crescent Lunge


    • Have participants choose 1 or 2 yoga poses they would like to try, have them read the card or try it with a partner.
    • Have participants take deep breathes in and out while doing yoga poses and to clear the mind.
    • Ask participants did this help stretch out their muscles and clear the mind?
    • Have participants fill out feedback survey.

    Talking Points:

    • Introduction: have you ever heard of yoga before?
    • Did you know yoga has become very popular?
    • Yoga is a great way to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility.
    • Yoga strengthens, tones and stretches your muscles.

    Suggested Information for Café O Yea/Board:

    Images of Yoga poses

    Yoga is system of stretching and positional exercises to promote good health, fitness and control of the mind.

    Posture is the way in which your body is positioned when you are sitting or standing. Your spine is strong and stable when you practice healthy postures. But when you slouch or stoop, your muscle and ligaments strain to keep you balanced - which can lead to back pain, headaches and other problems.

    • Yoga is a fun way to get moving, get your blood flowing, and it is easy to do!
    • Do you slouch? Yoga can improve your balance and posture.
    • Yoga can help you feel awake and focus.
    • Yoga is a great way to feel more energized and less lethargic.
    • Twenty minutes of yoga everyday can drastically improve your memory.
    • Yoga can help with improving mood.
    • Do you know how long people have been doing yoga? More than 5,000 years!
    • Yoga is a system of exercises to improve not only your physical health, but your metal health. By practicing yoga, you can not only stretch, but realese tension in your body by holding different "asanas" (Aa-Suh-Na), or poses, and in your mind with "ujjayi" (U-JjA-Yi), or deep breathing.
    • This type of breathing has two steps. First, inhale quietly through your nose, fill your lungs and exhale constricting your throat like you are fogging up a mirror.
    • Some fun facts about yoga include (CDC,2017):
      • The word yoga comes from an ancient language and means yoke or unite - to bring together your body, mind, and spirit.
      • A "yogin" is a male student while a "yogini" is a female student.
      • Many yoga poses are based on animals the different postures they do in nature.


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