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4.5: Earth's Minerals and Rocks- Challenge 1

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    1. A mineral's shape is determined by the arrangement of its ___.
    2. Minerals are ___, ___, and ___.
    solid, naturally occurring, specific chemical compounds
    3. What is an example of a rock that's not a mineral?
    Coal is a rock but not a mineral, because it forms from organic matter.
    4. Minerals are divided into groups by ___ composition.
    5. ___ make up over 90% of Earth's crust.
    6. ___ are salts that form when salt water evaporates.
    7. ___ is a measure of whether a mineral can scratch or be scratched by another mineral.
    8. ___ is the color of the powder a mineral leaves behind after it is rubbed against another surface.
    9. Luster describes ___.
    how shiny or dull a mineral appears
    10. A ___ plots the stability of the various states (solid, liquid, gas) of a compound as a function of temperature and pressure.
    phase diagram
    11. Minerals, carried by hot water, fill cracks in rocks to form ___.
    12. Which lake in California contains many mineral precipitates?
    Mono Lake

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