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8.8: Earth's Fresh Water- Challenge 1

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  • 1. ___ time is the average amount of time a water molecule stays in a reservoir.
    2. What percent of Earth's water is fresh water?
    Approximately 3%
    3. Water is a ___ molecule, or a molecule with a charge difference across the molecule.
    4. Water molecules contain two ___ atoms and one ___ atom.
    hydrogen; oxygen
    5. When water freezes and changes to its ___ state it expands, while most other substances contract.
    6. ___ is the state transition by which a substance changes from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid state.
    7. Runoff is ___.
    when water flows across Earth's surface
    8. Precipitation is ___.
    when water falls from clouds to Earth's surface
    9. In which "flow-through pathway" does water travel through the finest soil pores?
    Matrix flow
    10. Precipitation is usually expressed in which units?
    11. Groundwater is pumped from a confined aquifer whose intergranular pressure ___.
    increases, while the aquifer's pore water pressure decreases
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