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8.13: Earth's Fresh Water- Challenge 2

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    1. A stream meets a large body of standing water at ___.
    base level
    2. Most rivers have a number of ___ that meet to form larger streams that make up the main river.
    3. ___ exist along rivers where overflow goes during flooding.
    4. Large lakes are similar to the ocean, because they have ___ and currents.
    5. Large lakes alter ___ by increasing snow downwind.
    6. The water in Crater Lake in Oregon fills ___.
    a caldera on Mt. Mazama
    7. Humans build ___ to prevent rivers from bursting their banks during flooding.
    8. Plants reduce flooding by ___.
    slowing rainwater down so it doesn't hit the ground all at once
    9. A levee that protects a portion of land near a river from flooding ___.
    may cause flooding upstream or downstream
    10. ___ glaciers are large ice sheets that cover relatively flat ground.
    11. ___ glaciers are found on tall mountains.
    12. Glaciers are a valuable resource, because ___.
    they are a source of water in the summer

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