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9.14: Earth's Oceans- Challenge 3

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    1. A ___ is where algae have used up all the oxygen in the water, so nothing can live.
    dead zone
    2. Excess nutrients added to a body of water ultimately lead to an oxygen poor environment that results in a ___.
    dead zone
    3. ___ get washed into the oceans from farms and yards, causing algae to grow.
    4. Plastic trash may contain toxic chemicals like ___ that enter the ocean.
    bisphenol A (BPA)
    5. Plastics in the ocean break down ___.
    into molecule-sized polymers
    6. Many types of plastics do not biodegrade, but they may ___, which means they break up in sunlight.
    7. The Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010 was caused by ___.
    an explosion on a deepwater oil rig
    8. Oil companies will continue to go for hard-to-get-at deposits as long as ___.
    people will pay for the oil
    9. Which oil company was responsible for the oil spill of the Valdez in Alaska?

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