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20.5: Earth's Energy- Challenge 1

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  • 1. An idle ball on a hilltop, though not moving, contains ___.
    potential energy
    2. When we kick a soccer ball, potential energy gets converted into ___.
    kinetic energy
    3. Energy ___ describes how much useful work is extracted from one unit of energy.
    4. ___ is the amount of useable energy available in a resource after accounting for the amount of energy needed to make that energy available.
    Net energy
    5. To be energy efficient at home, ___.
    make sure your home is well-insulated, replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, and turn off the heating/AC when not at home
    6. Energy conservation can be achieved through ___ energy use.
    7. Wind and moving water are sources of ___ energy.
    8. ___ energy, while renewable, is not totally environmentally friendly.
    9. Renewable energy sources self-replenish ___ than they can be used up.
    more quickly
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