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20.12: Earth's Energy- Challenge 2

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  • 1. Coal is a solid ___.
    2. Our dependence on fossil fuels is alarming because they are ___ and they emit ___.
    non-renewable; greenhouse gases
    3. Natural gas is a ___ hydrocarbon.
    4. Anthracite is a ___ rock.
    5. ___ is the highest quality type of coal, used primarily for residential and commercial space heating.
    6. Coal mining exposes the element ___, which reacts with air and water to form a highly corrosive chemical.
    7. Crude oil must be ___ to be useful.
    8. The Gulf of Mexico, Texas, and Alaska are major ___ in the U.S.
    oil-producing regions
    9. Crude oil is a mixture of many different ___.
    10. ___ undergoes nuclear fission in a nuclear reactor.
    11. To generate power, nuclear power plants ___, causing them to ___ and release energy.
    hit uranium atoms in fuel rods with tiny particles; split apart
    12. Nuclear power is not completely clean because ___ and ___.
    uranium must be mined from the earth; radioactive wastes created by power nuclear fission cannot be safely disposed.
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