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20.18: Earth's Energy- Challenge 3

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  • 1. In a concentrated solar power plant, sunlight is focused onto a receiver by a group of ___.
    2. The biggest advantage of solar energy over fossil fuels is that solar power is ___.
    3. Solar energy travels through the empty space between the Sun and the earth via ___.
    4. Water held behind a dam has ___ energy; when the water is released, that energy converts to ___ energy.
    potential; kinetic
    5. Hydroelectric power is generated when moving water ___.
    makes a turbine spin
    6. Hydroelectric power generation does not release ___.
    7. Some people oppose the offshore Cape Wind project because they think that windmills are ___.
    8. One disadvantage of wind power is that ___.
    windmills are expensive to build and maintain
    9. Wind is always moving and has ___.
    kinetic energy
    10. Geothermal energy is ___.
    pollution free and completely renewable
    11. Geothermal power plants generate electricity when ___.
    steam from a geothermal well or from water pumped down into the earth spins a turbine
    12. Compared to other forms of renewable energy, biomass energy ___.
    can be processed into a liquid and used by cars
    13. When using a biofuel, the ___ and ___ required to grow that biofuel must be considered.
    energy; water/fertilizer
    14. Biofuels, such as ___, are added to gasoline to cut down the amount of fossil fuels that are used.
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