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21.10: Earth's Materials- Challenge 2

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  • 1. Dispose of household hazardous waste safely by ___.
    following the rules listed on labels for each toxic material
    2. Dry cleaners, automobile repair shops, hospitals, photo processing centers, and many other common facilities all generate ___.
    hazardous waste
    3. The automotive industry generates a lot of toxic ___, including gasoline, motor oil, battery acid, and brake fluid.
    4. The ___ oversees the cleanup of a Superfund site if the responsible party cannot.
    federal government
    5. The ___ regulates hazardous wastes in the U.S.
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
    6. Mining often produces ___ as a byproduct, which can change the composition of nearby lakes and streams.
    7. According to U.S. law, a mine region ___.
    must be restored to its natural state
    8. Reclamation of a mine may include ___.
    filling pits with sediment, reshaping the land, and planting native vegetation
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