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If You Don't Have the Book...

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    At SWAP Day we read the first few chapters from the novel, The Homework Machine.  Our reading lessons for the next 3-4 weeks will be based on this book.  Don't ignore this page.  YOU NEED THE BOOK.  I handed everyone a copy of the book.  If you missed SWAP Day or forgot to bring the book home, you have a few options: you can stop by Glennon Heights during the day and get one from my classroom (they are in a plastic tub near the teacher desk), you can visit your local library and check out a copy of the book, or you can wait until next SWAP Day (but you will have a lot of make up work to do and won't know what's going on).

    Many of our online reading lessons can be completed without the book, but keeping up in the novel is necessary for other lessons.

    Make sure you have a book and don't lose it.  Remember to bring it every SWAP Day so we can read together.

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