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7.1: Review Your Photos

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    For the Digital Imaging 1: Digital Photography Basics final, you will build a portfolio that demonstrates what you've learned. In chapters 3 - 6 you saved your photos from each lesson. For the portfolio, you’ll be reviewing these photos, selecting examples, and writing reflections about what you’ve learned. The portfolio also provides you the opportunity to retake images as needed.

    Below, you'll find a checklist of the lesson concepts from chapters 3 - 6. For each concept, follow the same basic steps:

    1. List and define the concept. You may want to refer to your answers in the Record Your Findings sections of each concept.
    2. Select photos, photo pairs, or photo sets – depending on the directions in each lesson – that show the concepts you’ve learned.
    3. Write a short reflection draft describing how each photo demonstrates your learning.
    4. Check off the concept.

    You’ll find some ideas for portfolio layouts on the next lesson. For now, just select your photos and draft your reflections.

    Concept Checklist

    Chapter 3: Basic Photo Composition

    ☐ Steady camera
    ☐ Rule of Thirds
    ☐ Level horizon
    ☐ Fill the frame
    ☐ Distracting backgrounds

    Chapter 4: Movement & Direction

    ☐ Direction of Movement
    ☐ Framing
    ☐ Point of View
    ☐ Leading Lines
    ☐ Freezing Action

    Chapter 5: Light & Shadow

    ☐ Quality of Light
    ☐ Direction of Light
    ☐ Silhouettes
    ☐ Light & Shadow

    Chapter 6: Flash

    ☐ Flash Modes
    ☐ Flash & Distance
    ☐ Flash Glare
    ☐ Fill Flash


    Image Reference Attributions

    [Figure 1]

    Credit:; April 9, 2007
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