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14.11: Erosion and Deposition- Challenge 2

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  • 1. Pillars of rock left behind by wave erosion are known as ___.
    2. When wave action forms a hole in a cliff, it creates a ___.
    sea arch
    3. ___ are level areas formed by wave erosion.
    wave-cut platforms
    4. During the winter, sand is ___ from beaches, while during the summer, sand is generally ___ on beaches.
    eroded; deposited
    5. Deposition occurs when water motion ___.
    slows down
    6. In general, erosion is greater than deposition on beaches during the ___.
    7. A potential problem with groins is that ___.
    beaches on the down-current side may be starved of sand
    8. ___ are essentially artificial barrier islands.
    9. Seawalls are built ___, while breakwaters are built ___.
    onshore; offshore
    10. Wind pushes large sediments along the ground in a process known as ___.
    11. Wind moves small sediments in the air by ___.
    12. Wind carries intermediate-sized sediments close to the ground by ___.
    13. A sand dune has a ___ slope on the side from which wind blows, and a ___ slope on the opposite side.
    gentle; steep
    14. Sand dunes form when an obstacle forces wind to ___.
    slow down and deposit sand
    15. As wind slows, it deposits ___ particles first.
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