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14.15: Erosion and Deposition- Challenge 3

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  • 1. A jagged ridge that remains when cirques form on opposite sides of a mountain is an ___.
    2. A ___ is a sharp peak left behind when glaciers erode all sides of a mountain.
    3. A rounded hollow carved by a glacier near the top of a mountain is a ___.
    4. An ___ marks the greatest extent of a glacier.
    end moraine
    5. Low hills of sediment deposited by a glacier are known as ___.
    6. A ___ can form when a chunk of ice is left behind in the till of a retreating glacier.
    kettle lake
    7. Rocks falling onto the base of a cliff form a ___.
    talus slope
    8. The speed of landslides varies from ___ to ___ km/hour.
    200; 300
    9. Landslides are most likely to occur in a ___ year that was preceded by ___ years.
    wet; dry
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