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But I Don't Know What to Write...

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  • Some people seem to be able to come up with ideas on the spot.  All they are doing is putting pieces of a puzzle together.  They ask, "What if..." and then see what might happen after that.

    I'm giving you a turkey.  Ask yourself, "What if a turkey _____________?"  Or "What if a  rafter (a group of turkeys) wandered into _________________?"

    Answer this question 3, 4, even 5 times.  And try to get more outrageous with every answer.

    For example (because I'm one of those people who easily comes up with ideas):

    What if a turkey were bulletproof?

    What if a turkey were as fast as a cheetah?

    What if a turkey could use tools?

    What if a turkey family ate a person every Thanksgiving?

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