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Warning: Target Pages Ahead

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    In school, and in life, it's good to know what we are trying to do if we're going to start something.  We will do our best to let you know what our "target" is for most lessons. Watch for these pages so you don't step in them!

    The next page is what a target page may look like.  Then there will be a short lesson (which can be 1-8 or more different pages).  Finally, there will be a simple quiz where you show us that you understood the goal or target of the lesson.  In Schoology, you can go back and check the target page to be sure, then take the quiz.  Most of the time, we will give you 3 (or more) attempts at a quiz.  If you do poorly on a quiz, try taking it again.  Find the correct answer, then fill it in.  Don't just guess.  The answers are usually found in the same folder as the quiz.

    Let's try it now...  you know you want to...


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