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4.2: II. Identifying Student Resources

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    II. Identifying Student Resources

    Emily van Zee and Elizabeth Gire

    In this section you will consider a local example of the influence of light and thermal phenomena on a closed system. You also will be documenting some what you already know about aspects of global climate change.

    A. Connecting to relevant everyday experiences

    A phenomenon that you may have experienced occurs when light from Sun shines into an enclosed area.

    Question 4.1 What happens when a closed car is parked in the Sun on a sunny day?
    • Discuss with your group members experiences you may have had in getting into cars that have been parked with the windows up on a sunny day. Why do you think that happens?

    This is an example of a system in which more energy enters than leaves the system. Although the mechanisms differ, the result, an increase in temperature inside the car, is similar to what seems to be happening to the global climate here on Earth.

    B. Documenting initial knowledge about aspects of global climate.

    Question 4.2 What do you already know about the influence of light and thermal phenomena on global climate?

    Document your initial knowledge about the influence of light and thermal phenomena on global climate by responding to the following diagnostic questions. These diagnostic questions focus upon two aspects of changes in global climate: the greenhouse effect and rising sea levels. Your responses will not be graded. You will answer the same questions again near the end of the unit, compare initial and current responses, and write a reflection about changes in understandings and ways these occurred.

    Name_________________________ Date___________

    Diagnostic Questions
    about Aspects of the Influence of Light and Thermal Phenomena on Global Climate

    1. How aware are you of the greenhouse effect?
    1 2 3 4 5
    Have not heard
    of it
    Have heard
    of it
    Have talked
    about it
    Have read
    about it
    Have studied it
    in a course
    1. What is the greenhouse effect?
    1. What can cause an increase or decrease in sea levels?
    1. In what grades/courses, if any, have you learned about global climate change? In what ways?

    Elementary school:
    Middle school:
    High school:

    1. What question(s) do you have about global climate change?

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