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12.3: Linking

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    We define linking verbs as all verbs (other than be) that are completed by a subject complement—an adjectival or a noun phrase that describes or identifies the subject. Subject complements describe or redefine the subject. Common linking verbs include seem, look, smell, sound, and become.

    1. (subject)+(linking verb)+(subject complement [NP or adj.])
      Subject Linking Verb Subject Complement [NP or adj.]
      The children Became Restless
      The soup Smells Delicious
      Marcel Looks Like a businessman
      Noun phrases that act as subject complements are often preceded by the preposition “like,” as seen in the third example.

    Review Questions

    Identify the subject, linking verb, and subject complement (noun phrase or adjective) of each sentence.

    1. The taxi driver seemed like a nice man.
    2. The inside of the bakery smells delicious.
    3. On that day, Francis became a criminal.
    4. It sounds like a good idea!
    5. Ms. Yeziersky became a schoolteacher.

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