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2.7: Introduction to Earth Science- Challenge 1

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    1. ___ are scientists who study outer space and the celestial bodies beyond Earth, often using telescopes, spacecrafts, and satellites.
    2. If meteorologists study weather patterns, who studies longer-term atmospheric phenomena like climate?
    3. ___ are scientists that study space and everything in it.
    4. Geologists say that the Grand Canyon has "layer cake geology" because ___.
    the rock strata are easy to see
    5. Which mountain range is made by volcanoes that run California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia?
    6. The Sierra Nevada Mountains run along the eastern part of the state of ___ and have a desert to their east. The state has the Pacific Ocean on its west coast.
    7. The principle of uniformitarianism states that processes operate ___.
    the same way at present as they did in the past
    8. Cross-bedding on sand is due to ___.
    changes in wind direction
    9. Hutton came up with the principle of ___, which is crucial to our ability to understand Earth's past.
    10. On the opposite side of the planet from the Prime Meridian is the ___.
    International Date Line
    11. ___ devices use at least four satellites to identify the latitude, longitude, and elevation of something or someone.
    12. You would find 45°S in the ___ hemisphere.

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