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5.14: Plate Tectonics- Challenge 2

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    1. ___ is the artificial process by which salt water is converted to fresh water.
    2. Where are the oldest oceanic rocks found?
    Far from mid-ocean ridges
    3. Seafloor spreading occurs at ___ boundaries.
    4. When material in the mantle is heated at Earth's core, it rises towards Earth's surface. As it rises, it cools, moves laterally, becomes denser, and sinks, creating a ___ cell.
    5. ___ within the earth's mantle causes the plates to move.
    6. Seafloor spreading pushes older seafloor outward, and new seafloor is created at a ___.
    mid-ocean ridge
    7. Two tectonic plates come together at a plate ___.
    8. In which layer of Earth are plate-moving convection currents located?
    9. What are the three types of major plate boundaries?
    Divergent, transform, and convergent plate boundaries
    10. ___ is an example of a transform boundary.
    The San Andreas Fault
    11. Transform plate boundaries divide ___ into segments.
    mid-ocean ridges

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