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10.21: Atmospheric Processes- Challenge 4

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  • 1. At the equator, air is hit by solar energy more directly than elsewhere on the planet, warming and forming a ___.
    low pressure zone
    2. Warm air ___ at a ___ pressure zone; cool air ___ at a ___ pressure zone.
    rises; low; sinks; high
    3. Air flowing over Earth's surface is called ___. This can vary from a slight breeze to very strong conditions.
    4. Rain is common in ___ pressure regions due to rising air.
    5. Sinking air ___.
    causes evaporation
    6. There are ___ major convection cells south of the equator.
    7. During the day, mountain slopes warm more than valleys, causing warm air over the slopes to rise and draw up air from valleys. This produces a ___ breeze.
    8. Land breezes blow from land to sea in ___.
    9. Monsoon winds form when ___.
    Hot air above land rises and sucks in warm, wet air from the sea.
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