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10.29: Atmospheric Processes- Challenge 5

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    1. Unlike secondary pollutants, ___ pollutants are released directly into the air by natural processes or, more often, human activities.
    2. ___ is a heavy metal that can cause brain damage or blood poisoning and can still be found in some old paints.
    3. ___ are solid particles such as ash, dust, and fecal matter.
    4. Emission control devices placed on power plants to comply with the Clean Air Act have ___ coming from smokestacks.
    reduced the amount of pollution that we see
    5. Nearly half of all pollution comes from ___.
    6. If fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are not pure, they may ___.
    produce pollutants
    7. In the process of ___, toxic heavy metals in the atmosphere can enter food chains by building up in consumers' tissues.
    8. ___ can cause lung diseases, increase the risk of heart disease, and trigger asthma attacks.
    9. ___ in the troposphere reduces productivity and harms the leaves of plants.
    10. Which chemicals can neutralize the effects of acid rain?
    11. ___ is used to treat bodies of water affected by acid rain.
    Lime kiln dust
    12. Poor nations experience acid rain and ___.
    may experience crop damage that they can't control
    13. The ozone layer in the stratosphere, which protects us from UV rays, is being depleted, mostly by the increase of ___.
    chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
    14. Ozone in the stratosphere ___, while ozone in the troposphere ___.
    protects Earth's surface from UV radiation; is a pollutant

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