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12.13: Climate- Challenge 2

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  • 1. There are ___ major climate types according to the Köppen classification system.
    2. Dry climates occur within ___ or in ___ when found at higher altitudes.
    continents; rainshadows
    3. The average annual rainfall in a tropical moist climate is at least ___ per year.
    150 cm
    4. The constant rain of a tropical wet climate allows ___ to grow.
    5. The aridity of the tropical ___ and ___ climate allows only grasses to grow, rather than trees.
    wet; dry
    6. Atmospheric circulation produces the year-round rain that characterizes the wet climates of the tropical ___.
    7. ___ receive more rain than deserts, but they are still dry; they occur at higher altitudes and have grasses and scrub.
    8. A treeless plain with small plants is a ___.
    9. Areas covered with thick ice year round are known as ___ and are found only in Greenland and Antarctica.
    ice caps
    10. ___ is a lower layer of soil that is permanently frozen.
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