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13.12: Weathering and Soils- Challenge 2

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  • 1. Soil that is so rich in organic matter that it can be burned is called ___.
    2. Any material through which water (or any other liquid or gas) can move through is ___.
    3. The rock and mineral contents of soil are ___, while humus is organic.
    4. In a soil profile, deeper horizons are ___ altered and ___ like the original rock.
    less; more
    5. Iron oxide and clay accumulate in the ___ of the soil profile.
    6. ___ has the highest proportion of organic matter in the soil profile.
    7. ___ can bake as hard as a brick if exposed to the Sun.
    8. The rate of soil formation under ideal conditions--intermediate topography, proper climate, and a good balance of organisms--is ___.
    1 mm/year
    9. ___ forms in tropical rainforests.
    10. To reduce erosion in cities, ___.
    include green spaces where plants can grow
    11. Crop rotation, planting nutrient-rich cover crops, and alternating the types of crops planted in each row all help prevent ___.
    soil erosion
    12. Preventing soil erosion ___ crop yields and ___ existing ecosystems.
    improves; protects
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