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18.11: Ecosystems- Challenge 2

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  • 1. Marine invertebrates ___.
    account for a lot of the ocean's biodiversity
    2. Most marine invertebrates live ___.
    close to shore
    3. Zooplankton are found ___.
    near the surface where phytoplankton live and nutrients are abundant
    4. Marine decomposers typically live ___.
    on the ocean floor
    5. Organisms that engage in chemosynthesis get their energy from ___.
    6. Zooplankton consume ___.
    7. The breakdown of chemicals to produce energy is called ___.
    8. A coral reef that surrounds a volcano is an ___.
    9. Hydrothermal vents are located in ___.
    the deep ocean
    10. Marshes have a lot of ___.
    reeds and grasses
    11. ___ is the study of bodies of freshwater and the organisms that live there.
    12. The sloped side of a lake where sunlight penetrates is the ___.
    littoral zone
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