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The Solar System: Challenge 1

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  • 1. The SOHO spacecraft ___.
    has been in orbit around the Sun since 1996 and sends solar data and images back to Earth
    2. The Sun makes up about ___ percent of all the mass in the solar system.
    3. If the Sun was the size of an official league basketball, Earth would be about ___ in diameter.
    2 millimeters
    4. The region of the Sun that emits sunlight is the ___.
    5. The inner layers of the Sun, from inside out, are ___.
    the core, the radiative zone, and the convection zone
    6. The chromosphere, the layer between the corona and the photosphere, is the ___ layer of the Sun.
    7. Jets of gas sometimes fly up through the ___.
    8. The photosphere is about ___ degrees Celsius.
    9. The temperature of the chromosphere ranges from about ___ degrees Celsius to ___ degrees Celsius.
    4,000; 10,000
    10. A strong solar flare can lead to ___.
    coronal mass ejections
    11. Sunspots are ___.
    cooler, darker areas of the Sun
    12. ___ are plasma loops that connect two sunspots.
    Solar prominences
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