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22.26: The Solar System- Challenge 5

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  • 1. ___ extrasolar planets have been discovered so far.
    More than 1500
    2. Scientists started discovering exoplanets in ___.
    3. A planet is considered to be in a star's habitable zone when ___.
    it has the right temperature to have liquid water
    4. Scientists are interested in asteroids because ___.
    many are representatives of the earliest solar system
    5. ___ near-Earth asteroids cross Earth's orbit.
    More than 4,500
    6. Long-period comets come from the ___.
    Oort Cloud
    7. In the early solar system, comets that struck Earth may have brought ___.
    8. Before reaching Earth's atmosphere, meteors are known as ___.
    9. A meteor shower occurs when ___.
    Earth passes through a comet's tail
    10. ___ are meteors that make it to Earth's surface.
    11. Eris has ___ known moon(s).
    12. ___ is the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system.
    13. ___ is the third-largest and second-brightest dwarf planet discovered so far.
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