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Book Review

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    Write a book review for me.  Here's a how-to list:

    1) Introduce Type of Book

    • Identify the book by author and title.
    • Include some background and describe the general problem in the book.

    2) Briefly Summarize the Story

    • Briefly review the story line for readers, being careful not to give away anything shocking or important.

    3) Include Graphics

    • Book covers grab your readers’ attention. Show off what the book looks like by including a graphic.
    • Or, even better, find a graphic that relates to something in the book!

    4) Provide Your Reactions to the Book

    • Describe the book: Is it interesting, memorable, entertaining, or instructive? Why?
    • Relate the book to larger issues: How did the book affect you? How have your opinions about the topic changed?

    5) Be Honest About Your Review

    • Throughout your book review, it’s important to remain honest. Don’t tell us you loved a book when you really couldn’t stand it just because you think that's what people want to hear.


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