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Pony Express

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    In 1860, a private company came up with an idea to make mail delivery faster. They called it the Pony Express. The Pony Express used horseback riders to carry mail. At the time the Pony Express seemed like a great idea. It did speed up mail delivery. However, it went from taking months to deliver mail to weeks! Although people were excited about the Pony Express, two weeks is still a long amount of time. Can you imagine waiting two weeks to find out what your friend’s have been up to. Today, thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, we practically know every move our friend’s make.

    First, the letter went to Saint Joseph, Missouri. Then, Pony Express riders carried it west in relays, each rider taking the mail for a part of the journey. At designated points, new riders would take over. Finally, after about two weeks the letter would arrive at its destination.

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