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Labor Day Background

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    The first weekend in September marks the end of the summer for many people as we celebrate Labor Day.  School has started and the fun and relaxation of summer is over - time to buckle down, hit the books and settle in for winter.

    While many people just think of Labor Day as the end of summer - it is actually an important historical holiday. It honors the "working people."

    Many kids as young as 8 or 9 start work. Whether it is chores around the home, or a paying job outside the home - kids do work. You might:

    • Baby sit
    • Walk dogs/care for pets
    • Do yard work
    • Help a neighbor with chores
    • Do chores in your own home
    • Be a tutor
    • Teach computer skills
    • Volunteer!

    All of these things are important because they contribute to society - kids do make a difference. I know I would be lost without my baby-sitter helping me out - or my kids helping me around the house! Kids are the future, you will have many career choices - working at a young age can help guide you through those choices. 


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