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Plan your slice

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    What is Slice of Life Personal Narrative writing?

    Slice of Life writing is just a “snippet” of your everyday life. The story should span a short amount of time (an hour or a single day). There should be a clear beginning, middle, and end to your story.  Ideally, it should include a life lesson that was learned.


    What should I focus on in this writing assignment?

       First person point of view (I, me, we—personal pronouns)

       Thoughts and feelings you had at the time or now when you think about it

       Dialogue (specific quotes you remember)

       Developing a strong lead (something that catches the reader's attention)

       Showing not Telling the story

      Past Tense- this story happened in the past

       Transition Words/ Phrases (first, after that, later on, and then, finally, after, eventually...)



    Plan out what story you're going to tell.  Your plan can be a web, a timeline, a list of events, or any other plan you like to use.  This plan can be in your notebook or on the computer.  On the next page you will submit your plan, so get to work!

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