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Daily Free Writing 2+

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    Ok, let's get your writing for the day done.  Remember, I'm expecting you to submit a Word or Google document, or a picture of your graphic work, poem, or writing.  Include one or two sentences that give me a quick "how long you wrote and what you did."

    I've included some random topic ideas below this for you if you're looking for something new...



    · Write about an interesting time in your childhood.

    · Write about a time when you were very homesick.

    · If you had a choice to live anywhere you could, where would it be?

    · Write about the pros/cons of online school.

    · What would be in your perfect world?

    · Favorite movies/actors

    · What is your favorite animal?

    · After first semester what would you do differently or the same?

    · What does your food say about you?

    · What is your favorite season and why?

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