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Revising your Slice

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    Ideas For Revising Your Writing

    Many writers think of revision as all hard work and drudgery. But revision is more than just a way to fix a broken piece of writing. It's also a way to honor a good piece and make it even better.

    Here are some ideas to experiment with:
    * Change the beginning: experiment with different kinds of leads. You might try sound effects, or an intriguing first sentence.
    * Change the ending: maybe a circular ending, for example, or a surprise ending might work for your writing.
    * Add a section. Have you left out something important?
    * Remove/delete a part.
    * Change the order. You don't have to tell the story in the order it happened. Try starting in the middle, or try starting at the end and flashing back to the beginning.
    * Change the tone: make it funnier, more sarcastic, more serious.
    * Slow down the "hot-spot" or crucial moment of the story using dialogue, emotion, and frame-by-frame detail.


    Most importantly, share your writing with someone.  Either read it to them (reading aloud almost always catches some mistakes), or have them read it.  You can read it to a parent, brother, sister, random relative, dog, cat, iguana...

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