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Super Assignment

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  • Here are the assignment guidelines again:

    • Identify a problem that a kid can run into online.
    • Create a Super Hero (using the site on the next page) who can help.
    • Use a tool like The Snipping Tool* on Windows or Preview to copy the Super Hero
    • Create a Google Doc with a picture of your hero
    • Type a short story/ paragraph about the kid foolishly doing something dangerous.
    • Have your super swoop in and save the day.  And explain why we shouldn't do what the idiot kid did.


    BUT, and that's a BIG BUT, if you think you're "all that" and this is soooo below you, you can try going a step further and actually creating a short comic strip like we saw in the video.  I'm not sure what program or app they were using, but you could try one of these two:

      I think they used Comic Life.  Click on the logo for more info.

      Or you can try Professor Garfield, but it looks like it's for little kids...

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