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Submit Your Letter

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  • Submit your letter to a veteran here.  It can be handwritten and you submit a photo of it.  Or it can be typed.

    A few things to note:

    • your audience (who the letter is written to) can be a veteran from any division of the armed forces and any era (your letter could be addressed to people currently serving our country).
    • if you choose to write to an anonymous veteran, please sign it with your first name and grade level
    • if you write to a relative, sign it anyway you want
    • you can certainly add pictures (illustrated or photographs)

    Are you a little lost- like you're thinking, What is this letter supposed to look like?  I added a couple of examples on the next page for ideas.  But don't just copy them!  A lame thank you letter is not very meaningful.

    Be meaningful, they deserve it!

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