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Three Stories High

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    Let's look at the "factual" basis of these three stories.

    The hackers story is based on the problems that we have seen lately where hackers steal bank account numbers or credit cards...  That is totally real.  Stealing ALL the money is absurd.  How would they steal all the money in all the banks?  That's where the story gets crazy.

    The BLS challenge...  We've all probably heard about the ice bucket challenge in fact, some of you might have done that.  That's real.  Bullies forming a group, uh, no.  They aren't that smart.  But filling the bucket with barf?  That is not going to happen.  Where would they get all that barf?  That's the part where this story goes crazy.

    The Aliens story starts off crazy and then just gets stranger.  This one is funny, but the satire in it is weak because as soon as we read the word "aliens" our crazy light starts blinking.  We read it, but we never really believe it.

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