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1.7: Boards and Staff

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    Variety is the Spice of Life

    It’s also what keeps our organization vibrant and successful. Some of us joined HealthCorps from the non-profit world while others came from multinational corporations. In our staff, we have those who have earned PhDs, those who have ran marathons, and those who have sprung from the grass-roots of HealthCorps.

    The one thing we all have in common? We’re passionate about creating healthier communities!

    2017 HealthCorps Board of Directors

    Mehmet Oz, MD NY Presbyterian Hospital, NY

    Jordan Davis Radius Venture Partners LLC, NY

    Thomas J Higgins Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, TN

    Pamela Kehaley Anthem Blue Cross, CA

    Ranndy Kellogg Omron Corporation, IL

    Benjamin Lewis, MD NY Presbyterian Hospital, NY

    Alexander C. Markowits Spring Hills Senior Communities, NJ

    Pedram Salimpour, MD CareNex Health Services, CA

    Kristin Thomas Continental Resources, OK

    2017 HealthCorps Board of Advisors

    Daniel G. Amen, MD Amen Clinics, Inc. CA

    Mickey Beyer-Clausen Mental Workout, NY

    Jeffrey Bland, PhD Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, WA

    Juan Brea Gulliver’s Gate, NY

    BK Boreyko Vemma Nutrition, AZ

    Julie Cho, DDS Heilbut, Radin & Cho, P.C, NY

    Maurice Elias, PhD Rutgers University, NJ

    Sean Heyniger Watermark Medical, FL

    Mark Hyman, MD UltraWellness Center, MA

    Mark S. Jaffe Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, NY

    Stephen Josephson, MD Cornell University Medical Center-New York Hospital, NY

    David Katz, MD Yale University Prevention Research Center, CT

    Jon LaPook, MD CBS Network, NY

    Gerald Lemole, MD Christiania Care, NY

    Jonathan Levine, MD GLO Science, NY

    Lisa Liberatore, MD Totum Health, NY

    Ernest Lupinacci Ernest Industries, NY

    Woodson Merrell, MD Continuum Center for Health and Healing, NY

    Todd Olson, PhD Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY

    James Ferguson MKTG, OH

    Alan Gass, MD, FACC Westchester Medical Center, NY

    Max Gomez, MD HeartWCBS-TV, NY

    Mark Goulston, MD Heartfelt Leadership, CA

    Robert Guida Guidance Corporation, NY

    Colette Heimowitz, MS Atkins Nutritionals, CO

    Dean Ornish, MD Preventive Medicine Research Institute, CA

    Seval Oz Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems, CA

    Stephen Phillips, PhD Touro College, NY

    Jill Posnick JP Advisory LLP, CA

    John Ratey, MD Harvard Medical School, MA

    Merrill Richmond Stairmaster, OR

    Mike Roizen, MD The Cleveland Clinic, OH

    Roger Ross The Institute for Family Health, NY

    Mache Seibel, MD Healthrock, MA

    Michael. C and Lori Smatt, DC Madison Avenue Chiropractic Center, NY

    Douglas Stroup NeoStrata Company, NY

    Brian Wansink, PhD Cornell Food & Brand Lab, NY

    Mark Warfel, DO Warfel Institute, NY

    John Whyte, MD FDA, DC

    Nicholas Zaldastani Zaldastani Ventures, CA

    2017 HealthCorps Staff

    Michelle Bouchard, President

    Michelle Marquez, Chief Operations Officer

    Karen Johnson, Chief Communications & Advocacy Officer

    Juliahanne Washington, Controller

    Rob Lunde, Director, Special & Community Events

    Kristina Mariswamy, Manager, Development

    Margaret Knudson, Public Relations Consultant

    Kelly Nimmer, National Programs Director

    Natalie Sandoval, Program Supervisor, Living Labs

    Megan Ling, Program Supervisor, Living Labs

    Jacquelyn Kendricks, Program Manager, HealthCorps University

    Latisha Williams, Program Assistant, HealthCorps University

    Naomi Soto, Program Consultant, HealthCorps University

    Henna Haroon, National Marketing Director

    Amy Hendel, Health Editor/Blogger

    Samantha Cheah, Staff Accountant

    Lisa Garcia, Director, Human Resources

    Javad Ali, National Manager, Technology

    Jean Lim, Research Scientist

    Maegan Lewis, Program Specialist, HealthCorps University

    Emily Chu, Product Development Specialist

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