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1.8: Credits and Acknowledgements

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    Content: HealthCorps® Staff, Coordinators and Board Members

    A special thanks to all past and current HealthCorps Coordinators for contributing to the curriculum development.

    A special thanks to all past and current HealthCorps Living Lab high school Principals and wellness champions.

    Deep appreciation and thanks also to the following:

    • Albert Einstein College of Medicine Team: Judy Wylie-Rosette, Sarah N. Martin, David Lounsbury, Moonseong Heo, Ann Marshak, Camille C. Gonzalez, Yolanda Cassidy
    • Atkins Team: Colette Heimowitz, Vicki Cox, Jennifer Livingston
    • Donate Life America
    • CK12 Team: Neeru Khosla, Juli Weiss, Julie Manuel, Miral Shah
    • FamilyCook Productions and their Teen Battle Chef Team: Lynn Fredericks
    • Organize Teeam: Jenna Arnold, Emily Coker
    • MD Anderson Cancer Institute Team: Alex Prokhorov, Oriana Perez, Salma Marani, Thuan Le
    • Nathalie Casthaly, Koerner Kronenfeld Partners, LLC
    • James Ferguson Big Idea Group
    • Joanne Stevelos, JCS, LLC
    • Donna O’Sullivan, Zoco Productions

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