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10.10: Atmospheric Processes- Challenge 2

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  • 1. The layer of the atmosphere in which all living things exist and that which allows you to breathe is the ___.
    2. If a mountaintop is 10,000 ft. higher than the valley below, we can expect the temperature to be ___.
    36 degrees Fahrenheit lower
    3. All of the wind, rain, and snow on Earth, as well as all of the air you breathe, is in the ___.
    4. The ozone layer is part of the ___, where the concentration of ozone is high.
    5. The ozone layer is found between ___ and ___ in altitude.
    15 km; 30 km
    6. Why is air in the stratosphere stable?
    Warmer air lies above cooler air
    7. The temperature in the mesosphere ___ with altitude.
    8. Temperatures in the ___ and the ___ decrease with altitude
    thermosphere; mesosphere
    9. What type of clouds form in the mesosphere?
    10. Medium and high frequency radio waves are reflected back to Earth by the ___.
    11. The Van Allen radiation belts are ___.
    regions of ionized particles
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