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11.8: Weather- Challenge 1

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    1. ___ is weather averaged over a long period of time.
    2. As rising air cools, any water vapor within it begins to ___.
    3. Dew forms when humid air cools overnight. If the temperature falls below freezing, ___ will form instead.
    4. The ___ index is a measure of what the temperature feels like because of the humidity.
    5. Why does humidity affect how hot it feels?
    High humidity prevents sweat from evaporating and cooling our bodies
    6. The most important condition necessary for cloud formation is ___.
    the presence of condensation nuclei
    7. Clouds are commonly classified by ___.
    8. ___ clouds are white and puffy.
    9. Within an air mass, ___ and ___ are nearly the same.
    temperature and humidity
    10. An air mass described by the symbol mTk formed over ___.
    the ocean in a tropical region and is moving over warmer ground
    11. Air masses form primarily in ___.
    high pressure, polar and tropical zones
    12. When a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass and lifts the warm air mass out of the way, a ___ forms. The rising warm air causes clouds to form.
    cold front
    13. The leading edge of an air mass is called a ___.

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