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14.5: Erosion and Deposition- Challenge 1

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  • 1. Runoff would be massive on a ___.
    steep, bare slope
    2. As water slows, ___ particles are deposited first.
    3. A broad, flat area on both sides of a river is a ___.
    4. Sediments carried as small solids in the flow of a stream make up the ___ load.
    5. Ions carried by a river make up the ___ load.
    6. A ___ is a raised strip of sediments deposited close to the water's edge.
    natural levee
    7. When the ceiling of a cave collapses, a ___ forms on the surface.
    8. Groundwater travels along small cracks, dissolving and carrying away the solid rock. Over time this forms a ___.
    9. The large and beautiful crystals of the Naica mine in Mexico are made of ___.
    10. ___ hang from the ceiling of caves, and ___ rise from the ground. Together, they form ___.
    Stalactites; stalagmites; columns
    11. ___ are the best places to see stalactites and stalagmites.
    Limestone caves
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