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22.9: The Solar System- Challenge 2

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  • 1. ___ is the planet most similar to Earth in terms of size and overall mass.
    2. Mercury makes about ___ revolutions around the Sun in the time Earth makes 10 revolutions.
    3. On which planet would a person's weight be closest to their weight on Earth?
    4. The time it takes a planet to make one complete orbit around the Sun is known as its ___.
    orbital period
    5. The planets' orbits are ___ in shape.
    slightly elliptical
    6. ___ discovered the relationship between a planet's orbital period and its distance from the Sun.
    Johannes Kepler
    7. ___ experiences the strongest gravitational attraction to the Sun.
    8. Order the following in terms of decreasing gravitational force: Earth, Moon, Sun
    Sun, Earth, Moon
    9. ___ is the planet that experiences the weakest gravitational attraction to the Sun.
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