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22.15: The Solar System- Challenge 3

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  • 1. The outer planets are ___.
    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
    2. The inner planets are ___.
    Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
    3. Compared to Earth, Mercury has ___ years and ___ days.
    short; long
    4. Mercury's large core is mostly liquid ___.
    5. Mercury is ___ because it has such a large core.
    6. Venus is sometimes referred to as the ___.
    Morning Star
    7. Surface temperatures on Venus reach up to ___.
    465 degrees Celsius
    8. The atmospheric pressure on Venus is ___ times greater than the atmospheric pressure on Earth.
    9. The dark areas of the Moon are called ___.
    10. The footprints of astronauts on the Moon cannot be erased by weathering and erosion, but a ___ could destroy them.
    meteorite impact
    11. Maria cover about ___ percent of the Moon's surface.
    12. Mars is nicknamed the Red Planet because of the ___ in its soil.
    iron oxide
    13. Water cannot stay in liquid form for long on Mars because ___.
    the atmospheric pressure is too low
    14. Mars has ___ moons, named ___ and ___.
    two; Phobos; Deimos
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