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23.10: Beyond the Solar System- Challenge 2

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  • 1. ___ stars use up hydrogen quickly and have short lives.
    2. ___ are small, white stars that eventually fade away.
    White dwarfs
    3. When the Sun becomes a red giant, Earth ___.
    will be engulfed by the Sun's outer layers
    4. When a star like the Sun uses up all the helium in its core, it becomes a ___.
    white dwarf
    5. VY Canis Major, the largest known star, is a ___.
    red hypergiant
    6. When a red supergiant uses up all its helium, ___.
    fusion continues, forming heavier atoms up to iron
    7. A neutron star has about ___ more mass than Earth.
    500,000 times
    8. A neutron star is only about ___ in diameter.
    a few kilometers
    9. After a supernova, the remnants become either a ___ or a ___, depending on their mass.
    black hole; neutron star
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