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Wrap-up Book Review

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    After we read a book as a class, I like to know what you think.  I try to choose books that challenge you, or make you laugh, or make you angry, or surprise you...  And afterwards, I want to know whether you feel I should use this book in the future, or not.

    So, I want you to write me a book review.  The book review should be less than 500 words.  It should include specific details but not give away anything to crazy (if it does, make sure to indicate a "spoiler alert" and do not post that review on  If you want ideas, go to amazon and look up the book, then read some of the "most helpful" reviews.  On the next two Schoology pages, I will post one positive review and one negative review so you can see examples (I like well-written negative reviews as much as positive reviews).  One note: for me, it's hard to take a review seriously when the writer doesn't use punctuation or has spelling mistakes.  Please don't be one of those reviewers.

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