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4: Movement and Direction

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    In the previous chapter, you learned photo composition basics. In this chapter, you'll learn about movement and direction in your photos. People move. Trees and cars move. Life moves. Life is a continuous series of movements that surrounds us. A photo, on the other hand, doesn't move. A photo captures a moment or object as a still image. So, an important concept in photography is creating the appearance of movement...the appearance of life. You can create paths into and through your photos. You can also change the direction you use to shoot photos to show the world from different directions and points of view.

    Again, don't rush through the chapter. Take the time to learn from the directions, images, and additional online resources. Then, apply what you've learned to improve your photo composition. Learn and work thoughtfully, so you'll be ready to share your photos to your teacher and explain how they show what you've learned.

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