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12.21: Climate- Challenge 3

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    1. The average global temperature during glacial periods was ___ less than the current average global temperature.
    5.5°C (10°F)
    2. The Vikings colonized Greenland during the ___and were forced out during the ___.
    Medieval Warm Period; Little Ice Age
    3. The Little Ice Age lasted for a period of ___ years.
    4. ___ is a byproduct of photosynthesis.
    5. Carbon is the ___ most common element in the human body.
    6. ___ are a natural source for the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    7. Warmer temperatures are causing coral reefs to ___, eventually killing them.
    turn white
    8. Temperatures have been rising since ___, but the ___ is increasing.
    the end of the Pleistocene; rate of increase
    9. One negative impact of modern technology is that ___.
    the level of pollution is increasing
    10. If the amount of ___ gases in the atmosphere continues to increase, more thermal energy will be trapped in the atmosphere, and global temperatures will continue to rise.
    11. An increase in the occurrence of severe storms, floods and droughts, and effects on the seasonality of animals are all consequences of ___.
    climate change
    12. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has increased by ___ over the last fifty years.
    80 ppm
    13. Marine organisms with carbonate shells will struggle growing because of ___.
    ocean acidification
    14. Water shortages will become a problem in some areas because ___.
    reduced snowpack and earlier springs due to global warming will reduce water availability from snowmelt
    15. The increase in average global temperature seen in the past two decades was caused by ___.
    burning of fossil fuels by humans

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